Monday, March 16, 2009

This post is brought to you by the letters "G" and "L"

I have a love/hate relationship with my twin. I love her because we love the same shows, and she introduces me to other new shows that I love. I hate her because she introduces me to other new shows that I love. Get that? But, because I do love her, we have created a youtube channel for all the things that we love- right now it's mostly GL and Los Hombres de Paco, but we'll add more. It's under the name 2QueerGeeks, and you can find us here.

The show this time? Guiding Light. Yes, a soap opera. I swore off soap operas after All My Children pretty much butchered Bianca’s character and relationships. So when Brenda kept telling me to check out GL for their lesbian-like storyline, I balked for a good 2-3 weeks. Finally I started reading articles and stuff about it on AfterEllen, and decided to check it out. Wrong Move.

2 days and many YouTube hours later I was HOOKED. I mean really, really hooked. I found out this storyline has been playing out since January 2008- that’s right- for OVER A YEAR. What show does that? These two women (Olivia and Natalia, aka Otalia) used to enemies, then slowly became friends, and now maybe more then just that. And the crazy thing? No one seems to care. I don’t mean the les/bi women (because we certainly DO care), but the other viewers aren’t all up in arms over 2 supposedly straight women falling in love with one another. After much research and thought, I realized that no one cares because the writing is so well done, and the groundwork laid so thoroughly, that it just seems like an almost natural conclusion. LOVE IT.

Besides all of that, there are a few other reasons I am now in love. First, the writing is pretty much fantastic. Not just for those two, but the humor is great. Usually soap operas are so damn dramatic, but there are some awesome one-liners that have me cracking up. Second, the woman who plays Olivia, Crystal Chappell is an awesome actress. Her facial expressions are spot on and show so much emotion. Third, it's nice to see a "coming out" story so to speak that doesn't involved two teenagers. It is two grown women having grown up conversations. A nice change. And last, there is a very active fan base out there that I tentatively stepped into this weekend- and now I have gone over to the dark side. Anyone want to join me for the ride?

Geek On.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yet Another Addiction

My life and soul has been sucked away by yet another video game- this time it's Mass Effect. And before you either A. Yell at me, or B. shake your head, please note these few things:

1. Last week was Spring Break, so I had a very light schedule, and therefore could game until my heart's content.

2. My gaming friends keep telling me about these great games, and I of course succumb to peer pressure to go and get them. Thanks Han. I blame my Mass Effect addiction on you. You kept telling me what a great game it was so I just HAD to go get it.

I have played through the game twice, so I am done for awhile. I don't want to get sick of it, so I promised myself at least a month's break. What makes this game so addicting? A few things:
1. It has a great storyline, and that's not something I can say about a lot of games. The storyline actually had me paying attention, and half the time I forgot I was playing a game.
2. The open ended play was fabulous. You could just do the storyline, or fly around the galaxy doing various side quests. And the graphics of the planets were unbelievable.
3. The AI companions were hilarious. The designers did an awesome job of integrating your companions with actual personalities, and they would say the randomest stuff, especially in elevators.
4. The romance subplot. You had the chance as a female character to romance a "monogendered" species. But let's be real- they were all female- called each other "daughter" and holy racks batman- I think that Bioware just used "monogendered" to keep the Focus on the Familiy groups away. But it was tastefully done and I appreciated it.

My next post- How Brenda addicted me to Guiding Light and Otalia.

Geek On.