Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I never thought I would find myself in this position. It's one where I am about to lose my shit and start a full blown panic. 3 full months and no job. No job prospects, only a few interviews, and my savings is down to my last 600 dollars. It's panic time.

Not only am I starting to panic, but I find myself not even wanting to get out of bed in the morning. Gaming doesn't bring me as much joy as it used to, and overall I am in some weird funk. I am going home to Wisconsin for a few weeks to see my family for the first time in a year, and to finally meet my niece who is about 10 months old and I have never seen. Yet all i can think is "I hope none of my family wants to go to dinner or something- I can't afford it!" Sad.

When I get home on July 6th, I will do something I never thought I would do again- start applying for jobs at local stores. I hated it when I did it in high school and college, and I am sure I will hate it now- but I really have no choice.

Geek on.