Friday, September 11, 2009

The End Is Near.. But What A Way To Go!

Yes, my loyal friends/readers, the end is near.... for Guiding Light. I have spent the last 9 months of my life sucked into this fandom in a way I have never been sucked before. Ooo, I realize that line was WAY dirtier then I intended. Oh well, I'll keep it in.

Today the show was pre-empted by the US Open. Now, I hate tennis with the passion of a thousand suns, so I am currently wandering around my office mumbling "No Otalia? WTF?" I am sure my students think I am insane.

Brenda is giving me the best birthday gift ever- Beatles Rock Band! I CANNOT wait to sit down and play it. I LOVE the Beatles, and from what I have read the it is a pretty sweet game.

So this weekend will be low key. I'm going to play Xbox, then my staff is coming over on Sunday for pancakes and bacon. I know- a very exciting way to celebrate my birthday, but it will be fun nevertheless.

Geek On.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One week until craziness

In one week Allendale, MI will be invaded by 18 crazy Otalians from all over. And when I say all over, i really mean it. Let me list the states and countries in which my friends are coming from:
Michigan (me)
Illinois (Mara)
Wisconsin (Gidge)
Indiana (Shiva, Nicole, and Michelle)
Ohio (Bronzey)
Kentucky (Kellie)
Tennessee (Katie and Beanie)
Texas (Engine and Sang)
Connecticut (Shortstack)
Pennsylvania (Foodie)
North Carolina (DiNovia and Torrence)
UK (Fletcher)
South Africa (Basher)
Australia (Keeva)

Yes, that is 19 people total that will somehow be fitting in my apartment. They aren't all sleeping here- most are going to the local hotel, but we are all going to be hanging out at my place to watch the finale of Guiding Light.

I am more excited about that then my 30th birthday. Maybe because i am not doing anything on my actual birthday- most of my friends here bailed on me, so I will spend the day doing what i want- playing xbox and chatting with friends. Maybe a Veronica Mars or Buffy Marathon?

Geek On.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poor George....

So, I had a great and terrible weekend at the same time. I met up with my Otalia peeps down in Indy and Cincy, and when i went to get my car on sunday- George had died. And spewed oil all over his little gay engine. *sigh* Turns out i blew out my oil cooler. So I stayed with Shiva until it was fixed on Tuesday, then drove the 4.5 hours back. That was a VERY expensive weekend.

But you know what rocked? about 5 minutes after I tweeted that I broke George and was stranded in Indy, no less then 6 Otalia peeps (plus my awesome twin) all offered me money. This is why I love this fandom. Although apparently this is called "friends."

Otherwise, school has begun, and I am looking forward to a three day weekend of nothing buy chatting with friends and gaming. Rock Band 2, here i come!

Geek On.