Sunday, December 21, 2008


So, I both love and hate Brenda. Why? You may ask? Well, I love her because we have such the same tastes that she always introduces me to good new shows. And I hate her for introducing me to these shows that then suck all my time. Her newest one? Los Hombres de Paco. From Spain. It's not even in English. Now, I did take 3 semesters of Spanish, but they were the same semester- repeated twice. So I don't think that counts. Beyond "Donde esta el bano," I am not much help.

But, my friend got me hooked on this show via youtube, by, of course- showing me the lesbian storyline they introduced this season. An luckily, the youtube version has them with english subtitles. But now that i have watched every scene with this storyline, i want to go back and watch the whole show. Damn you Brenda!

Los Hombres de Paco (Paco's Men, I think it's called) is about this guy, Paco, his family, and the police station where he works. God, i love European television. They may not show the violence that we do in the states, but they do swear and show a lot of sexuality. I'll take that over violence any day! Anyway, the lesbian storyline revolved around one of the main characters, Silvia, who is this gorgeous redhead that is the sister of Paco's wife (so sister-in-law) She is a Insepctor- which, from what i gather, means she does forensics and some actual police work. I am not sure how the Spainsh police force works. Silvia has been married, divoriced, and I believe miscarried all in four years. So, along comes Paco's sister Pepa, who is a police officer in Sevilla, and moves back home. Pepa and Silvia had shared an illicit kiss when they were 18 that tore the family up. So Pepa comes back, and it's about her and Silvia falling in love. *sigh* I hate you Brenda. And Love You. Thank You. Again.

Some things I now want because of this show:

1. A hot redhead named Silvia
2. A national dance that everyone knows when it is played in a bar.
3. To learn Spanish fluently
4. To move to Spain to be with a hot redhead named Silvia.
5. A friend named Rita.
6. To live in a country where being homophobic is unconstitutional (I about died when I heard a character say that to the homophobic dad of the hot Silvia)

Geek On.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pack up your predictability and go home....

Today's post is brought to you by Glad, Team Rainbow, and Padma's Sexy Scar. Oh, and Top Chef.

So, it's no secret I love all things Bravo. Ever since Queer Eye for the Straight Guy dragged me in, through my love of all things Kathy Griffin, and of course, Top Chef and Project Runway, I have been loyal.

This season of Top Chef is in NY, and so far, it's pretty good. Team Rainbow is down to one very sexy Lesbian "we are so gay" Jamie, and I am rooting for her. And as much as I love the show, I do have one complaint- it has become way too easy to figure out who is going home in the first five minutes of the show. Bravo needs to work on it's editing. Here are the clues, in no particular order:

1. The person has never really been shown before, but all of the sudden the camera if following them around like they are the second coming of Christ.

2. Other contestants are interviewed about that person.

3. That person is shown talking about how much they miss their family, dog, couch, etc. Or they have something really big coming up (like a wedding, for instance).

All three of those things equal one thing- your ass is getting booted off.

Please, for the love of Padma, STOP making it so predictable!

Geek On.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A trip back to my teenage years through bad sci fi tv shows

So, I have been addicted to Netflix's "Watch it Instantly" feature- mainly because I can now watch all that stuff through my xbox 360. What grand genius thought of that? I spent the weekend not only killing zombies, but watching tv shows that I remember from when I was younger. I started out watching Sliders (at least the first two seasons, after that it turned crap). Then I went on to watch SeaQuest DSV (also better the first two seasons). Then I found a gem of a show that I BARELY remember, mainly because i was only about 14 when it came out. It's called Earth 2.

And its fantastic.

It was one of the first sci-fi shows (at least a year before Star Trek Voyager) to have a female commander. It followed humans as they tried to resettle on a distant planet after having to flee Earth because it was so polluted. They crash land on the opposite side of the planet and have to travel to their original site. The show only lasted about one year, but I found myself addicted to the show again. It actually had a great cast, including Rebecca Gayheart, if you can believe it. I am sad the show only lasted one season, it was pretty good.

So after I glurged on that, I decided to find a good gay or lesbian film to watch. Wow, was that hard to find. There are plenty of gay and lesbian films that were produced independently, but I have to say, most of them were crap. The writing is bad, the acting is bad, or the production values are so bad that I laugh. It was a sad day in gaytown. But, I haven't gone through all the movies yet, so there is hope.

Geek On.