Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 09

Day 09: Best Scene Ever

I sat down to think this one over, and it really boils down to this: What scene do I rewind and watch multiple times?  There are a few that I do (extra flamey candles from Buffy come to mind) but in the end, there is not only one that I rewind to watch all the time, but makes me cry like a baby.

Spoilers for The West Wing!

The West Wing- In Excelsis Deo.  This scene goes back and forth between the burial of a homeless Korean War Veteran in Arlington National Cemetery, and children singing "Little Drummer Boy" at the White House.  They performed the burial scene at Arlington National Cemetery, and brings a tear to my eye every time.  Watch:

Be Prepared to Bawl Like a Baby

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Julesypops said...

LOVE THE WEST WING!!!! In Excelsis Deo was such a great episode. No wonder they won an Emmy for it.

Do you remember the scene where Bartlet roasts that TV personality for not standing up when he entered the room? Hands down one of the best scenes written on the show.