Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 08

I really struggled with this- most "best twists" are usually deaths, but they deaths are SO publicized ahead of time they really aren't twists- or the people come back to life (I'm looking at you, Buffy).  But then I remembered one that totally shocked me, that I didn't see coming.

Day 08- Best Twist in a Series

Warning- Spoilers ahead...

NCIS: Kate Todd Dies
I admit, I got into NCIS until it was in it's third season, but I started watching it from season 1 on DVDs.  I had NO CLUE what was about to happen to Kate Todd.  I, for once, did not look anything up on IMDB or Wikipedia. This is huge for me- usually I research a show to death while I am watching it.  This time, I just watched it to watch it .  I loved the character of Kate, played by my future wife, Sasha Alexander.  I enjoyed both the first season and the second season, and they had a reoccurring villain called Ari.  Then, in the 2nd season finale, Ari started hunting all the members of NCIS.  Watch the last 2 minutes of the season- it's shocking how they did it:
They do the fake out- you think she's dead, then BAM. Middle of the sentence.  That is how they ended the damn season. It's a good thing I didn't watch it in real time- I would have HATED waiting that summer.  And you know it's not a fake out like some series (Criminal Minds and your exploding SUVs, I'm looking at you).  You KNOW she is dead... there is no faking that bullet hole, or the blood on Tony.  It still makes me sob every single time I see it.  And the first episode of the third season takes off EXACTLY where they left off. Well done, NCIS, well done.  It takes a lot to shock and surprise me. From what I researched later, they had managed to keep that a secret. In an era of internet and spoilers, I applaud them for that- it was well worth the effort.
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Bren said...

My entire reaction.. ANTON! IT WAS ANTON! Yes, I will always think of him as his AMC character, even when he's Dracula.

I'm also impressed you weren't a spoiler whore with this show, is that still true?

I'm normally surprised about a lot of things because of my whole anti-spoiler spirit.

Dany said...

With NCIS? Yep, I don't read spoilers about it, not on purpose, I just like watching the show as it unfolds. I think the only other show I actively avoided reading anything about it while I watched it was Babylon 5.

Julesypops said...

I have to agree...Kate dying the way she did was just shocking to me. And I had the misfortune of watching it during its original I had to wait and wait till the next season to finally get some idea of what the hell happened. It really hit home cause she died mid sentence..that's what got me! She said something like she thought she would die before hearing Tony say she'd done well. And then BAM!! Bullet in the head. Chilling.

But it was for the best...the first three or four episodes of the new season without Kate was some of their best work.