Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 05

Today took me awhile to figure out- I have plenty of shows I loathe with the fire of a thousand suns, but I wanted to pick something that everytime someone mentioned, it gave me a physical viseral reaction. And I may piss people off with this choice.

Day 05: A show you hate or dislike very much.

And the winner is:

It pains me to write this. I really wanted to love the show. It had all the things I loved. Gay boys, girls making out, awesome music and dancing, and of course: Jane Lynch, who I have loved ever since "Best in Show."  And at first, I loved it. It was pretty good. Not awesome, but good.
And then.... it started to SUCK.  Hardcore.  There isn't one thing I dislike about it. It just seemed to roll into one big ball of suck.  I dislike the Brittany/Santana storyline being relegated to a "joke" and "comic relief" (smooth Chris Colfer... smooth.)  while Kurt gets all the "serious gay" story lines.  But that's not even the main reason I started to hate it.  The writing and characterizations were totally inconsistent.  Lessons learned just last week were suddenly forgotten and everyone went back to exactly how they used to be. It's like a big "reset" button was hit every week.  In the end, I just can't handle it- and I love most of the music they do, and sometimes will download a particularly good song.  *sigh*
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Betty (Beth) said...

Oooo. I will refrain from wearing my Glee pajama pants near you so I won't trigger any vomit reactions. ;-)

Dany said...

LOL Beth- Don't worry, I won't vomit- but I might cringe!

Julesypops said...

I love me some Glee...but even at it's best, it's a pale comparison to what it used to be in the first 10 or so episodes before it reached mega status.

The writing is short term and you're right, it's like the characters have amnesia and don't grow as characters. It's absurd that Finn would go after Quinn while she was still with Sam and forgive her for having sex with his best friend and getting pregnant...but yet he has no interest in forgiving Rachel (who only kissed Puck). Stupid.

Don't get me started on how they've made me loath Mr. Schu and how they've terribly overused Jane Lynch to the point where her character has no purpose anymore...as much as I love Sue...where is her place on the show anymore?