Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 06

This one was SO HARD.  I had to think about it most of the night, and when I woke up this morning, I still hadn't decided.  I love almost every single episode of Buffy, and really, my favorite changes depending on what I am looking for. Comedy? "Him."  Tortured love? "Becoming."  Scariest? "Hush."  Seriously- during one of my visits to Missouri  Brenda and I tried to chose our favorite episode from each season to watch- so that would be 14 episodes.  Yeeeeeah, we ended up with like 20.  We could NOT narrow it down!  But, in the end, I made a choice- and not everyone will agree with me, but that's ok.

Day 06: Favorite Episode of Your Favorite Show

And the winner is:

The Gift
I don't even know where to start with my love of this episode. Yes, Buffy dies, but we all knew she was coming back (thanks UPN, for those promos that aired like 20 seconds after the show did!)  Here, in no particular order, are my favorite parts that contributed to it:
Anya and Xander:  They are not normally my favorite parts of the show, but I love how they panic and have sex, then get engaged. Such a human thing to do.  I also love how Xander came through with a FREAKING WRECKING BALL.  I did NOT see that coming.
 Spike: People either really really love Spike or really really hate him. I don't always agree with what they did with his character, but I did love him in this episode.  You can see the surprise when Buffy invites him into her home, and shows her complete trust in him.  His mini-speech to her about how she sees him as a man and not a monster brought some tears to my eyes, and set up exactly why he so fiercely  protected Dawn the next season. And the look on his face when he realizes Buffy is dead just breaks my heart.
Giles: Oh Giles.  Although you wanted to hate him for explaining the obvious- that Dawn might have to die to save the world, you knew he was right. Although we had gotten glimpses of his darker (i.e. Ripper) side,  we REALLY didn't know what he was capable of until he killed Ben with his bare hands.  He did what he knew Buffy couldn't do- kill someone who was technically innocent.  The sound you heard when it aired was 10000 jaws dropping to the ground all over the world.  
Buffy and Dawn: Some people either really loved the speech Buffy gave when sacrificed herself or really hated it. I thought it was perfect- what else do you say to your little sister when you know she has to watch you die?  That speech STILL has me in tears when I watch it.
Willow and Tara: This had some of my favorite Willow and Tara moments in it- two in particular.  The first is when Glory confronts Tara, and Willow whips around saying "She's with me."  First of all- most excellent camera work. I re-wound that scene about 10 times on my VCR the first time (Yes, a VCR...I was too poor to invest in my beloved TiVo yet.)  The second scene is when Willow crawls over to Tara and you discover that she has her mind back, and Willow tells her she will always find her. Yep... tears.  
I could go on and on, but I should stop now... and possibly go watch the show again. I know I have seen that episode way too often, and I haven't seen that particular episode in about a year, and yet I remembered way too much detail.
Geek On. 

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Bren said...

I actually love the band or brothers quote turned onto it's head "Band of Buggered" and the use of Buffybot.

And remember... Xander and Anya didn't get engaged until after the world didn't end. "Give it to me after."

Stupid twit, why wouldn't you hold onto her with the grip of death.

Ahem. I'm better.