Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 Days of TV- Day 01

So, my friend Brenda convinced me to try this "30 Days of TV" thing that has been going on. Basically the next 30 posts will be about TV (I can't say 30 days, as I will be in Wisconsin for Christmas and St. Louis for New Years Eve), answering one question each day. So, hopefully I don't bore you to death.  But, let the fun begin.

Day 01: A Show That Should Not Have Been Canceled

Veronica Mars

I admit, I was late to the game on this one. I started watching between seasons 1-2, via Netflix.  I pretty much fell in love.  I don't know if I can put my finger on what exactly I loved about this show so much. The relationship between Veronica and her dad was pretty damn awesome. They had a mutual respect and admiration, and witty repartee that I found fascinating.  I also enjoyed Veronica's two best friends: Wallace and Mac.  I loved Wallace because it was one of the few relationships that were the man and woman were actually JUST friends- no angst, no unresolved sexual tension.  Yes Virginia, boys and girls can be friends without wanting to hook up.  I also had a huge character crush on Mac.  She was brainy, she dyed her hair blue, and she was just geeky enough to be socially awkward.  *sigh* A woman after my own heart.

One of the best things about this show was the writing. It was fast paced, had some pop culture references, and was just so damn SMART.  The show did not shy away from the tough topics, either. It covered everything from sexual assault to murder to socio-economic status.   Veronica was friends with the fallen- those in high school that were looked down upon. She was a hero. And for that short year I got to watch the show live, she was my hero.

The show was canceled after the third season, and that's a shame- they had planned to jump ahead to Veronica being in the FBI- and that is something I would have paid to see.

Geek On.


Bren said...

I agreed with you so much that I refused to watch the last two episodes of VM for over two years just so it wouldn't be over in my mind.

And then when I saw the concept of what the FBI season was ... I was so so sad.


Julesypops said...

I loved Veronica Mars. It used to be hot primetime television when I was in high school.

The writing was slick and I was hooked. It was definitely a show that canned way before it should've been.