Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 02

Today's challenge:

A show that you wish more people were watching.

This one was a difficult one for me, because I could look at it two ways. A show that I wish everyone was watching, or a show I wish my friends were watching... because I watch some REALLY popular shows that my friends don't. So I am going with that:


I love this show, yet none of my friends watch it.  I have one that won't watch it because the science is wacky, and well.. I am unsure of why my other friends don't watch it.  So yes, I love NCIS, and I am sad I don't have anyone to talk about the episodes with.  

Geek On. 


Bren said...

Why should I watch it? Give me a good compelling jaunt and I will honestly try to watch it for one month.

Dany said...

I like the writing- the characters are interesting. And they do things like mention something briefly in one season, and then 3 years later will go back to it. I love continuity like that.

Bren said...

Okay, should I start in on season one? I've seen the first episode because I was a JAG fan.

Dany said...

Yes, start with season 1, episode 1.

Julesypops said...

I was a JAG fan who then crossed over to NCIS and never looked back.

Though I miss the days of Sasha...Cote de Pablo really won me over!